FEC and IRS Compliance for Campaign Committees, PACs and Political Organizations.

Prepare and file Committee reports to the Federal Election Commission, Internal Revenue Service and any State campaign finance filings required by law.

Maintain Contribution Records and all contact and source information forwarded to consultant will be entered.

    Prepare and issue checks on behalf of the Committee, at Committee’s instruction.

    Manage Quickbooks, reconcile bank accounts and advise Committee in the budgeting process.


    Prepare and maintain database of Committee contributions and disbursements and maintain all information and records relating to same that are necessary to satisfy Federal Election Commission record keeping requirements.

    Administer payroll processing for Committee employees and help setup and maintain other personnel issues such as health, workers compensation and liability insurances.

    Receive and Process Contributions - Open mail and receive contributions forwarded by Committee and process and deposit said contributions into Committee’s designated depository, in the process screening contributions for compliance with applicable federal election law prohibitions, limitations and other requirements: Return apparently impermissible contributions, Allow contributors the opportunity to reattribute or re-designate their contributions in a manner consistent with the law by sending re-designation and or signature letters to contributor(s).